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Taiwan Web Hosting/Hosting Services - USA-Taiwan-Philippines provides Shared Web Hosting accounts, VPS, Dedicated Servers, cloud hosting and Domains. Hosting Services is part of New York Hosting Services operating 7 different brands of hosting. Taiwan/New York Hosting Services has been providing quality hosting services since 2004 for over 20,000 customers world wide. We provide 24/7 live chat support, ticket support and phone support we vaule all our customers and always strive to provide first rate services. 

So now your hearing everyone talking about Cloud Web Hosting and you’re wondering what is Cloud Hosting? What can Cloud Hosting do for me? How doesn Cloud Hosting work? How much does Cloud Hosting cost? So like most people you search and search and you still can’t fully understand what Cloud Hosting is. So if you read on we hope that this will help you understand Cloud Web Hosting and how Web Hosting can work for you. 

Larger organisations have been using cloud computing for many years now to reduce costs and increase reliability but Cloud Web Hosting is a relatively very new for web sites it focuses on keeping your website up and allowing it to handle heavy peaks in usage easily. This is achieved by spreading the resources required for your website among many physical servers thus reducing the reliance on any single piece of computing hardware. 

• How does it work? Many individual servers are teamed together to create a ‘cloud’. This has many benefits, it balances the overall load between the servers, and reduces the reliance on individual physical servers for service provision and provides flexibility to deploy resources when they are required. 

• How does it compare to other hosting types? Cloud hosting is an evolving technology and as such some service providers have struggled with their deployments. In particular, the lower cost providers have implementations on low quality server hardware with local disk storage which doesn’t really deserve the ‘cloud’ moniker. The better quality cloud providers have deployed on enterprise class hardware typically using VMware and have been much more successful at achieving the gains that cloud hosting promises. 

In comparison to dedicated servers cloud hosting is now delivering a much more reliable solution. The distributed architecture allows users to achieve a much higher level of resilience than is possible with an entry level dedicated server solution. It’s not until you have many servers with hardware load balancing that a dedicated server solution can begin to compete on this level. 

Shared or VPS style hosting is still a lot more cost effective than cloud hosting for several reasons. Essentially a single server with local storage is divided into many individual virtual machines which the service provider can then deploy. The need for capital expenditure in this configuration is much reduced which benefits the end user if the high availability features of the cloud are not required. 
If you like to know more about us, our services or have any questions please feel free to contact us we will be more than happy to help you.Email us at support@taiwanwebhosting.net With 24 hour support and a money back guarantee there is no reason not to sign up today!   NEED A TAIWAN BASED VPS?

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